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Coleman Public Library

Awards Day

2017 Summer Reading Program

The Coleman Public Library concluded its Summer Reading Program and Youth Book Club “Build a Better World” on June 28th, 2017 @ 10:00 am in the Library Community room.  The program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), a consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading programs.  Next year the theme will be “Libraries Rock!” (Music).  

Librarian Sue Dossey gave a short program to those 98 in attendance for the Awards Program.  Plans for the Summer Reading Program began this year in February with a book/bake sale. All proceeds go towards the reading program to help pay for the children book bags, arts and crafts activities, programs and the Grand Prizes.  Those returning their reading logs and completing their reading requirements receive a reading certificate and coupons from local businesses.  One free swim pass from the City of Coleman, one free ice cream cone from Coleman Dairy Queen, one free personal pan pizza from Coleman Pizza Hut, one free drink from Coleman Best Fried Chicken and one free drink from Owl Drug Store.  The Friends of the Library would also like to thank the following businesses and organizations for additional donations to the reading program: Coleman County State Bank, Grammer’s, Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Coleman Interbank, Make Ray, Cecil & Herma Jean Johnson, Coleman Veterinary Clinic, Shoppin Baskit Food Center, Inc., Coleman Chronicle & Democrat Voice, Clean Blast Services, Inc., Tyson Pharmacy, Ron & Diane Owens and Coleman County Medical Center.

A total of 149 children signed up for the reading program and a total of 74 completed. 

The library kicked the program off on June 7th 2017 at 9:00 am with registration and a special program “Build a Better World Magic Act” performed by Rodney Rash.  Story Hour was presented on June 14th & 21st.  Committee members provided a guessing game to guess how many Lego pieces were in a jar.  The winner of the guessing game was Kaci Garrett.  She guessed 1,120 pieces and there was 1,105 pieces in the jar.  Congratulations Kaci!  She won a 3-d World Puzzle. 

 The Friends also provided a coloring contest.  A boy and girl were chosen from the different age groups won a box of LEGO© Creative Bricks.  Winners are:


Girl – Piper Tammany

Boy – Jim Bob Culwell

1st & 2nd Grades

Girl – Mazzy Smiley

Boy – Quinn Tammany

3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

Girl – Kaci Garrett

Boy – Mason Danek

 The Friends also gave a prize of $15 for the Youth Book Club Winner Coloring Contest.  Winner was Navaeh Eldred.  Congratulations to all these winners!

The program was then turned over to Committee Chairman’s for the Reading Age Groups.

Sarah Beal, Friends of the Library member, announced she had twenty to sign up and 13 to complete.  The groups had fun with story time, and activities included writing on sand paper, making a tool belt, making rain bottles and watching rain fall from a cloud. 

Grand Prize Winner in the Toddler/Pre-K/Kindergarten - Finley Tammany!

Dixie Bible, Friends of the Library President, was in charge of the 1st & 2nd Grades.  A total of 80 children registered and 31 turned in their reading logs.  Mona Turner, Library Advisory Board Chairman, assisted Dixie with story time and their craft activity.  At the first program children were given bags of different colored sticks and encouraged to build something with the sticks.  The second program the children were allowed to take their creations home. 

Top Readers in the 1st & 2nd Grades were:

Joie Wise, Makenna Edwards, Grady Dawson, Laryn Jones, Quinn Tammary, Josephine Cunningham, Bridgette Faries and Miley Fikes. 

Grand Prize winner of LEGO© Land Tickets – Miley Fikes!

  Sandra Rose, Library Advisory Board Member, chaired the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades.  Sandra reported her group had fun reading the story “Iggy Peck Architect” by Andrea Beaty.  First program they made towers out of balloons, straw and tape and the second program tables were pulled out and the kids had fun building a bridge from one table to other out of straws and tape.

Top Readers in the 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades were:

Cali Beal (with 98 books!), Kaci Garrett, Mason Danek, Jeri Kateland Martin, Andrea Phillips, Ceairah Eldred, Addi Dawson, Owen Zhu, Caleb Keeney, Baryn Vann and Anthany Huddleston.

Grand Prize winner of LEGO© Land Tickets – Addi Dawson!

 Bridgett Wakefield, Library Advisory Board Member, chaired the Youth Book club.  This year the group read “The False Prince” by Jennifer Nielson.  They held book discussions and used the computer lab to build their own family name “Coat of Amour”.  Those participating in the book club were: Sierra Brown, Sarah Bingham, John Koch, Marissa Bales, Vallyn Rosales, Hunter lackey, Gabby Solice, Ilsy Villanueva, Selena Rincon, Naomi Osorio, Daniel Vasquez, A. J. Phillips, Natalie rose and Navaeh Eldred.

Hunter Lackey was the lucky winner with two tickets to “Medieval Times” in Dallas, Texas.

Other Friends of the Library members to help with the program were: Dora Newman, Linda Burns, Sue Shields and Katherine Hollis.

Next year’s Summer Reading Program will be “Libraries Rock!” (Music)

A list of those completing the program are:

Finley Tammany, Piper Tammany, Jack Wise, Patton Jones, Harper Jones, Maheyli Lemons, Parker Danek, Kaeden Vickers, Daxlynn Hronek, Isa Cunningham, Jessica Fenton, Jason Fenton, Grady Dawson, Joie Wise, Aiden Solis, Heidi Webb, Olivia Lester, Emmanuel Carrillo, Isaac Guerrero, Gwenith Diaz, Mason Leek, Enrique Mata, Dezmond Holloway, Avery Van Pelt, Tanner Corgil, Maya Salas, Sujeily Villanueva, MaKenna Edwards, Nicholas Mellor, Quinn Tammany, Laryn Jones, Josephine Cunningham, Madison Lester, Navaeh Lakosky, Marius Findley, Isabella Leija, Savannah Hurtado, Miguel Quinonez, Miley Fikes, Brynley Hughes, Kyla Holloway, Bridgette Faries, Kayanna Morgan, Sarah Moran, Andrea Phillips, Jeri Kateland Martin, Cali Beal, Mason Danek, Kaci Garrett, Lexi McKinley, Natalie Guerrero, Vicky Guerrero, Isaiah Mata, Addi Dawson, Ceairah Eldred, Owen Zhu and Caleb Keeney.

Back row: Kaci Garrett, Quinn Tammany, Cali Beal, Anthany Huddleston, Emily Bowden, Miley Fikes, Bridgette Faries, McKenna Edwards, Addilynn Dawson, Ceairah Eldred, Nevaeh Eldred.  Front row: Sujeily Villanueva, Gwenith Diaz, Piper Tammany, Jolie wise, Laryn Jones, Jeri Kateland Martin

 Tocker Foundation Awards

Coleman Public Library $5,000.00 Grant

Librarian Sue Dossey, is excited to announce notification from the Tocker Foundation that the Coleman Public Library was one in over forty projects reviewed for grant benefits.  All grant applications are reviewed by a grant review committee of librarians appointed by the Texas Library Association.  The Tocker Foundation promotes Texas public libraries in communities of 12,000 or less.

Librarian Sue Dossey, is excited to announce notification from the Tocker Foundation that the Coleman Public Library was one in over forty projects reviewed for grant benefits.  All grant applications are reviewed by a grant review committee of librarians appointed by the Texas Library Association.  The Tocker Foundation promotes Texas public libraries in communities of 12,000 or less.

This grant brings the cumulative grant support to the Coleman Public Library to a total of $152,313.

James Michener’s epic novel Texas
A special numbered and signed copy
One of 70
The Coleman Public Library was one of seventy public libraries to receive a special numbered and signed edition of James Michener’s epic novel Texas.   The Tocker Foundation and the University of Texas Press are presenting this as a gift to the library. 

To commemorate the Texas Sesquicentennial in 1986, the University of Texas Press published a lavish two-volume illustrated edition of James A Michener’s Texas.  The Press also produced a limited Sesquicentennial Edition of 400 copies, numbered and signed by the author and the illustrator, Charles Shaw, for special recipients. 

Designed by renowned book designer George Lenox and produced with the finest materials and craftsmanship, the Sesquicentennial Edition measures a generous 9x12 inches and is printed in two colors on 80-pound eggshell finish Caress Text specifically formulated to ensure extraordinary longevity.  Charles Shaw created over 250 pencil drawings exclusively for Texas, which are reproduced by 300-line screen highlight halftone for utmost fidelity to the originals.  A graphic device incorporating he initials of the author and artist that is blind stamped on the series page was developed for the Sesquicentennial Edition from letter forms drawn by Oswald Coop in 1930; the block was destroyed after stamping.  The two volumes of the edition are quarter-bound in buffalo hide and natural linen, stamped in gold with a distinctive Lone Star motif.  The slipcase holding the volumes is also covered in linen. 

The Sesquicentennial Edition also includes Impression of Texas by Charles Shaw, a signed portfolio of fourteen scenic paintings depicting regions of the state featured in the novel. 

The two volume will be displayed in the Texas History reference section.

Mr. Blue Shoes Donates “Community Guitar” to Coleman Public Library

During the ACE “Camp Library” summer reading program this year, students enjoyed Mr. Blue Shoes, Michael Dyson on July 9th.  Michael shares his unique version of the Blues story to students all over the state. He enjoys talking to students after his programs, and this day he met Justin Huddleston.  Justin told Michael how much he enjoyed learning to play his guitar, but it had been broken. This young man gave Michael the inspiration to donate a “Community Guitar” to the library, for all Coleman County students or persons to have access to play the guitar at the library.

Pictured is Justin with the beautiful Fender guitar and a big special "Thank You" sign for Mr. Blue Shoes, Michael Dyson.
  Submitted August 20, 2015

75 Gallon Fish Aquarium donated by Monte and Carolyn Merriman
and Friends of the Coleman Library.  Come see the fish!

Granted by The Friends of the Coleman County Foundation

The Coleman Public Library received a generous grant of $4,923.17 from the Friends of the Coleman County Foundation.  We are pleased to announce we have received full funding for 3D technology to enhance the Summer Reading Program, ACE Summer Reading Program, and to provide this new technology to the community of Coleman County.  The 3D technology included in the grant are ten 3D doodle pens, a Cricut Expression machine, a cube 3D printer, and the required accessories.  We are excited to ring this new technology to our programs and activities with the children and community.  The power pack 3D cube printer will be available for check-out to churches, community organizations, and boards of Coleman County for a minimal fee to replace additional filament supplies.  In house services using the 3D printer will be available to individuals soon, fees will be determined at a later date by the Library Advisory Board.

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Coleman Public Library
Friends of the Coleman Public Library

Friends of the Coleman Public Library are a group of citizens in the community who have a common concern for their library's active expansion and participation I the community life. They have a conviction that good library service is important to everyone. Did you know Friends of the Library are one of the oldest organizations in the United States? Library Company of Philadelphia was founded by Ben Franklin in 1731. 

Locally, Friends of the Coleman Public Library organized in the early 1970's and worked specifically to get enough books on the shelves of the library to qualify for membership in the state library system. Additionally the Friends help sponsor the Summer Reading Program, promote the growth and development of the library's resources. And promote public appreciation of the library as an important cultural center for our city. 

Support the Coleman Public Library by becoming a Friend. Dues are: 
Individuals $5.00
Couple's and Family's $10.00
Organizations $25.00
Life membership $100.00
Make check payable to:
Friends of the Coleman Public Library.
Mail to 402 Commercial Ave. Coleman, Texas 76834 or bring your check to the library. 





This spring at the Texas Library Association Annual Convention, the Coleman Public Library was awarded a 2015 Texas Book Festival Collection Enhancement Grant in the amount of $1,500.00.  The grant provided a total of 58 new AR level e-books now available on the MackinVIA link located on our website  This is an easy access to Accelerated Reading eBooks twenty-four hours, seven days a week.  Download the books to your computer, e-readers and mobile device.  Plus there is app available that can be installed on your mobile devices.  Once you click on the MackinVia link, do the following; for School, you need to enter: Coleman Public Library,COLEMAN,TX  User ID and Password for both is CPL.  To login, first time users will need to register and set up their User ID and Password.  The collection may be viewed by categories or use the advance search.  Clicking on a particular title allows the student to view additional information regarding the reading grade level, AR points and quiz number needed to take the test.  Each student may check out seven books and may be renewed three times. 

A list of new e-books provided by the Texas Book Festival are:

“Always Emily” – Maccoll, M.

“And the Soldier Sang” – Lewis, J.

“Approaching the Undead” – Specter, B.

“Ballgame With No One at Bat” – Brezenoff,S.

“Battling Extinction” – Orr, T.

“Big Wet Balloon” – Liniers, R.

“Black Hole is Not a Hole” – Decristofano,C.

“Bones: Dead People Do Tell Tales” – Latta, S.

“Brightworking” – Thompson,P.

“Butterfly is Patient” – Aston,D.

“Categorical Universe of Candice Phee” – Jonsberg, B.

“Courage Has No Color: The True Story of Triple Nickles” – Stone,T.

“Daisy’s Summer Essay – Peschke, M.

“Don’t Touch that Toad and Other Strange Things Adults Tell You – Rondina, C.

“Escape from Alcatraz” – Watson, S.

“Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World” – Jenkins, S.

“Flash Point” – Collard,S.

“Freedom Summer: the 1964 Struggle for Civil Right in Mississippi” – Rubin, S.

“Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” – Rinker, Sherri

“Great White Shark” – Green, S.

“Here come the Humpbacks!” – Sayre, A.

“How Many Jelly Beans?” – Menotti, A.

“How to write a Comic Book” – Yomtov, N.

“I, Q: Independence Hall” – Smith, R.

“Impossible Rescue: the True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure” – Sandler, M.

“It creeps!” – Enderle, D.

“Megan’s Year: An Irish Traveler’s Story” – Whelan, G.

“Monkey Colors” – Lunde, d.

“Most Magnificent Thing” – Spires, A.

“Northern Lights” – Rajczak, K.

“Off we go!: a Bear and Mole Story” – Hillenbrand, W.

“Ol’ Clip-Clop: A Ghost Story” – McKissack, P.

“On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein” – Berne, J.

“One and Only Ivan” – Applegate, K.

“Pater son: Lee’s journey to America” – James, H.

“Pranklopedia” – Winterbottom, J.

“Radio girl” – Brendler, C.

“Rhyme schemer” – Holt, K.

“Scaredy Squirrel” – Watt, M.

“See Me Dig” – Meisel, P.

“Seymour Simon’s Extreme Oceans” – Simon, S.

“Should Scientists Pursue Cloning?” – Thomas, I.

“Snake’s Life” – Lawrence, E.

“Spy Gizmos and Gadgets” – Mitchell, s.

“Stella Batts: Hair Today, Gone tomorrow” – Sheinmel, C.

“Stella Batts Needs a New Name” – Sheinmel, C.

“Story of the NFL” – Gilbert, S.

“Super Simple Things to do with Water” – Doubna, K.

“Surviving Jamestown: the Adventure of your Sam collier – Karwoski, G.

“Templeton Twins Have an Idea” – Weiner, E.

“Time Voyage” – Brezenoff, S.

“TJ Zaps the New Kid” – Mullardky, L.

“Too Hot? Too Cold?” – Arnold, C.

“Tracking Your Nightmare” – Specter, B.

”Trouble with Rules” – Bullion, L.

“Whistle in the Dark” – Long, s.

“Writing the U.S. constitution” – Mortensen, L.

“Zeal of Zebras: An Alphabet of Collective” -

Coleman Public Library receives $15,600.00 from Tocker Foundation for digitization of local newspapers.

The Coleman Public Library received notice March 23rd, 2015 from Mr. Darryl Tocker, Executive Director of the Tocker Foundation, the library will receive funds for the digitization of the Coleman Voice; the Coleman Democrat Voice; the Coleman Daily Voice; and the Coleman County Chronicle.  The project would include approximately 15,000 pages of text and images to be housed on the University of north Texas’ (UNT) Portal to Texas History.  The library’s 105 reels of newspaper microfilm span the years 1908 – 2013 and provide a look back at Coleman’s past.  Through the digitization of the city’s newspapers on UNT’s Portal to Texas History, Coleman Public Library will provide worldwide Internet access to Coleman’s engaging history.

The Tocker Foundation, established in 1964 has adopted a goal of promoting Texas public libraries in communities of 12,000 or less.  Grants are distributed to assisting libraries to serve as community centers, information resources and provide literacy and bilingual programs.  The foundation partners with community libraries to meet the particular needs of the community. 

The Portal to Texas History,, is a gateway to Texas history materials.   Established in 2002, the UNT Libraries began planning The Portal to Texas History to digitalize historical materials from private collectors and collaborative partners, including libraries, museums archives and other historical groups.  The goal was to structure the portal in a way that would ensure long-term sustainability.  By 2010, the Portal hosted over 900,000 digital images from one hundred and thirty partners.  Every month over 115,000 visitors from around the world use the online collections. 

Partnering with the Coleman Public Library with this project is the Abilene Library Consortium,, a regional nonprofit 501 © (3) library consortium to serve libraries and other cultural heritage organizations across Texas.  Established in 1991 the consortium’s primary mission is to deliver higher-quality library services to its communities through resource sharing and collaboration.  The Abilene Library Consortium is currently working with the Coleman Public Library through a grant provided by the Coleman County Foundation to preserve, catalog and digitize selected materials from the Woodward Texas History Collection.

Grant applications are reviewed by a permanent committee of librarians appointed by the Texas Library Association.  Members of the Tocker Foundation have been very pleased with the digitization products from the Portal to Texas History.  This grant brings the cumulative grant support to the Coleman Public Library to a total of $147,143.00.

Coleman Public Library receives grant from
The Libri Foundation Books for Children Program.

The Coleman Public Library is very excited to announce it has been awarded a BOOKS FOR CHILDREN grant by The Libri Foundation. The Foundation works with the Friends of the Library or other local organizations to raise funds to contribute as a matching fund of $200 to $350 which the Libri Foundation then matches a 2 to 1 ratio. The library can receive up to $1,050.00 worth of new, quality, hardcover children's books that will be added as a permanent addition to the library collection. Books donated through the program are used for storytelling, toddler, preschool, after-school (ACE) program, school projects and to just provide children with a "good read." 

The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization, established in 1989 for the sole purpose of helping rural libraries in the United States acquire new, quality, hardcover children's books. The Foundation supports the concept that children who learn to enjoy reading at an early age continue to read throughout their lives. In order to develop a love of reading, children must have access to books which stretch their imaginations, touch their emotions, and expand their horizons. 

**NOTE** Librarian Sue Dossey would like to share some additional exciting news about The Libri Foundation BOOKS FOR CHILDREN grant. March 9th, she received a letter to inform the library of a new development. Thanks to a generous, and anonymous, donation to the Libri Foundation our library is no longer required to provide matching funds. The library will receive $1,050.00 worth of books absolutely free!

For more information about The Libri Foundation visit:


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Policies within the provisions of the State laws, the Advisory Board adopts the following policies concerning specific gifts:
  1. Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the Librarian has the authority to make whatever disposition deemed most desirable.
  2. Gifts of money, real property, and/or stock will be accepted if conditions attached there to are acceptable to the Advisory Board and to the governing bodies.
  3. The Library will not accept for deposit materials which are not outright gifts.
  4. Unspecified gifts will be placed in the Memorial Fund for whatever purpose deemed beneficial by the Advisory Board.


Abilene Library Consortium

Libri Foundation

Texas Book Festival

United Ways of Texas

Coleman Public Library
Memorials & Donations

Memorials add up, so when you are making gifts, consider a gift to the library. Acknowledgment is made to the donor as well as the family of the deceased. 

To make a memorial in a loved ones name send your check to the Coleman Public Library 402 Commercial Ave. Coleman, Texas 76834. List the name of the loved one and name and address of the next of kin to send the  acknowledgment to.

Edwina Justice

with Sue Dossey

In memory of Edwinda Justice

With great sadness the Coleman Public Library regrets the passing of Edwina Justice, Coleman Public Librarian for 15 years. She was instrumental in writing the plans and grants for the new library dedicated in 1983. 

Edwina was married to Jeff Justice and had two children: Jeff Lee Justice and Mary Ann Justice-Boyd as well as three grandchildren: Jeff William Justice, Kimberly Justice-Lazar and Heather Lea Justice. She will be greatly missed by all